Warriors News · Winter Middle School Athletic Awards Program

The Wes-Del Athletic Department held the 2018 Winter Middle School Awards program last evening.  This was an opportunity to recognize all of our Middle School Coaches and Athletes.  Our school and community should be very proud of the accomplishments of each of these teams.  They represented Warrior Nation with a lot of class all season long.  Congrats to each of them and we look forward to a successful Spring.  Below you will see a list of the plaque award winners from last night:

6th Grade Girls BB

Warrior Award     Jennah Love

Most Improved     Kalynn Storie

7th Grade Girls BB

Most Valuable Player     Lauren Cox

Warrior Award     Avery Townsend

8th Grade Girls BB

Most Valuable Player     Jaci Knott

Hustle Award     Andrea Stoughton

6th Grade Boys BB

Warrior Pride Award     Trey Adams

Most Improved     Luke Brown

7th Grade Boys BB

Warrior Hustle Award     Bray Hill

Warrior 6th Man Award     Connor Smith

8th Grade Boys BB

“I Am 3rd” Award     AJ Nauman

“I Am 3rd” Awards     Alex Light


Most Valuable Wrestler     Preston Heffernan

Most Improved Wrestler     Arick Lehman


All Around Warrior Cheerleader     Mareah Penix

All Around Warrior Cheerleader     Reilly Luzadder